Putting Your Mind To It

Your thoughts create your reality.

I used to struggle with this idea.

Until I realized that this is exactly how I help my clients achieve things they never “thought” possible.

Because that’s exactly it. They never THOUGHT it was possible.

Probably because of experience. Probably because of what someone else told them.

And probably because imagining a new future for yourself is one of the hardest things for human beings to do.

But here’s the thing. Your better future is real... if you choose to claim it.

I know it is. Because I’ve seen it happen lots of times, for lots of people.

A current client is living the healthy, active lifestyle she’s wanted for a long time- exercising regularly, playing with her kids and enjoying life again, despite being restricted by severe pain and fatigue for 10 years.

Another client went on an African safari- riding over rough terrain in a Jeep for 3 days straight with no problems- despite years of suffering with severe neck pain that made her dread even a 10-minute cab ride.

They used to think that being pain free and active again would be impossible.

Because they hadn’t experienced it.

Because some expert said they shouldn’t hope for it.

And because their prior disappointment was bigger than any success they could imagine.

Maybe that’s where you are today.

Thinking that it’s impossible to get better…

Because that’s all you’ve experienced.

Because someone told you you just have to live with it.

Or because you can’t even imagine what your life could be like.

I understand.

But that’s also why I’m here. The people who were able to make these huge changes in their life didn’t do it alone.

They needed someone who had seen the results they wanted.

Someone who could FIRST give them an idea of whether those results were possible or not.

And someone who could help them achieve those results.

They needed someone experienced in the reality that they wanted to be living in. Not just another person telling them to live with the pain.

That’s also why I open up my schedule to take calls from people who are struggling, have questions, and are skeptical about whether it’s even possible to achieve the new reality they are dreaming of. You need support. You need perspective. And you need it before you can really make the change you want to make.

You can book your call now, just by going to kinesipt.com/talk. Pick a time that works for you and we’ll talk. We’ll uncover what you’re struggling with and find out whether getting past it is possible or realistic.

If it’s a good fit for us to work together, we’ll discuss it. If not, that’s totally cool. I’ll be happy to point you in the direction that best serves you. Either way, there’s no reason to wait and wonder anymore.

Let’s go find your new reality. <3


Talk soon,


Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash