Simple, Not Easy

Simplicity seems like such a great thing.

It makes things easier. It provides a clear solution. It's a good thing.

Except when it isn’t.

My clients often come to me because they have been burned by “simplicity on this side of complexity.”

Simple on THIS side of complex look like someone just telling you to “exercise more,” because it reduces pain.

Or... “Here, just take this pain medication.”

Or... “Oh, you’re just getting older.”

Sure, those are simple answers.

But what if you can’t exercise without pain is stopping you?

What if taking pain medication is the LAST thing you want to do?

What if you’re not ready to give up on being fit and living an awesome life… until you’re AT LEAST 80, thankyouverymuch?

That’s why this dude wouldn’t give a fig for that type of simplicity. And why so many people are still hurting and immobile, despite receiving advice like this.

Because that kind of simplicity keeps you in a no-win situation.

Struggling to do more, being shut down by pain, and feeling awful because the exact thing you NEED to do to stay healthy and happy is the exact thing you’re NOT ABLE to do.

Living a very careful, protective life- more focused on how you’re going to stay out of pain than on doing what you love or caring for the people who need you.

Feeling like you have no other option than to live with the pain, get used to it, and just do the best you can despite its continual, gnawing presence.

But what about the simplicity on the OTHER side of complexity?

That’s the simplicity that provides REAL ease. REAL clarity. REAL solutions.

And when you find it, it looks like...

A lot less pain, and a much easier time getting rid of it.

Leaving your workout feeling sweaty, tired, and GREAT.

Picking footwear for a night out based on your style, not your ailments.

Having a plan that’s so well matched to your needs that you actually WANT to do it.

And feeling HOPEFUL about the future, your plans, and your ability to care for the people you love.

Of course, as this quote suggests, you have to pass through some complexity to get to that kind of simplicity… and get the results you really want.

You have to let go of some old ideas, thoughts, and habits.

You have to want to be BETTER more than you want to STAY where you are.

And you need the RIGHT HELP to keep you on track- help that makes the journey faster, more pleasant, and more sure to get you to your destination.

But when you get there… WOW.

That’s why I’ve opened up time in my schedule this week- to speak with you about what’s keeping you from the active life you want... and what solution might get YOU to the WOW kind of simplicity you need.

To get started, just visit and find a time that works for you. The call is 100% cost and obligation free. It’s also SIMPLE because it’s solely focused on you and your needs.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. would give anything for it. All YOU have to do is book a call. :)

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Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash