New Years Resolution... KEPT.

“You’re on my list of New Year’s resolutions.”

So said my client to-be when we ran into each other at her fitness studio last year. Although she had shared her struggles with me when we first met months earlier, she wasn’t yet ready to try something new.

She had been in pain for about 10 years. She was on more medication than she wanted to be just to try to keep the pain at bay. Fighting pain all day long and needing to lie down by 4:30 p.m. was routine for her- despite the fact that she had a husband and two young children counting on her to take care of them.

She was frustrated and fearful. She had tried physical therapy before, but the exercises just made her feel worse. The only thing that had brought her any relief from the pain was the medication. She didn’t want to take the meds anymore, but she was 100% sure that they were the only thing standing between her and being completely immobile all day long.

Yet, she had kept my card on her refrigerator- with a promise to call me after the new year. She was committed to staying healthy and active and she knew that solving this problem would be a necessary part of that commitment. So she took the leap and scheduled a call to speak with me.

That call was a turning point. It was the moment that began the process unwinding 10 years of pain, frustration, and stuckness.

And now, she’s living a whole different life. She’s rocking whole fitness classes instead of stopping after 15 minutes. She’s still going strong at the end of long days chasing the kids, completing home-improvement projects, and cooking meals for the whole family. She’s feeling better and better despite reducing her pain medication. She’s regaining health, comfort, and control in her life again.

She didn’t do all of that in the blink of an eye. It was a process. It was a journey.

But it all started with her decision to try something new. To book a call and try again despite the fear and skepticism she felt. To stop living the same year of pain over and over again... and start living a new one.

How about you? Are you ready for that change, too?

I mean… What would your life look like a year from now if your pain was gone and you could move comfortably again?

Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you be able to help?

What would it be like... to feel GREAT again?

If you’re ready to make sure that 2019 gets you to where you want to be, it’s time to book a call to speak with me. Let’s find out what’s keeping you stuck... and let’s start getting you feeling like your fantastic self again.

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The call is totally free. Your only obligation is to yourself- to give yourself the chance you deserve... to start living your best year yet.

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