Kinesi, LLC 

Movement Based Wellness


Kinesi, LLC believes that efficient and effective movement is a key component to health and well being. 

Movement Based Wellness is an opportunity to address movement problems and maximize successful movement so that you can do more of what you love and have less difficulty doing it.


Why would I see a PT if I am not injured?

There are many times when consulting a physical therapist can be extremely beneficial, even if you are not injured. Here are just a few of those times:

  • If you have healed from an injury or surgery, but do not feel strong or confident enough to return to all of your normal physical activities, such as exercise, dance, or sports. 
  • You’ve been training hard in your exercise, sport or dance activities, but are unable to overcome certain deficits such as lack of strength, control, or flexibility. 
  • You’ve been getting repeated technique cues from your coach or dancer instructor, but feel that your body is unable to make the desired correction. 
  • You’d like to get started on an exercise program, but are not sure where to start or whether you are safe to do so.

What can I expect from my care?

Our wellness sessions typically last 1 hour, during which you will be working with a licensed physical therapist for the whole appointment time. We respect the time and energy you invest in PT and we believe that 1:1 care with a PT is the best way to ensure you are getting the best results your efforts. 

During each session, your physical therapist will take time to understand who you are, how you are moving, and what movement goals are most important to you. Your therapist will create a plan of care with you and, utilizing a combination of education, manual therapy, and exercise created specifically for you, will help you make progress toward your goals. 

At your request, your therapist may communicate with your personal trainer, coach, exercise instructor, or dance instructor to better understand and assist with your progress toward your goals.

If, at any time, you or your therapist feel that you may require further medical attention, you therapist will help you find the care you need.  

Do I need a prescription?

The State of Illinois currently requires a prescription for PT services. You may obtain a prescription for PT services from a Medical Doctor (MD), a Nurse Practitioner (APN), a Podiatrist (DPM), a Physician’s Assistant (PA-C), or a Dentist (DDS). If you have any questions about obtaining a prescription or need to find a doctor, please contact us.

Where do you provide your services?

Kinesi, LLC currently offers movement wellness services either in your home or at one of several different locations in the Libertyville, Grayslake, and Mundelein areas. Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling an appointment- we will make arrangements that work for you!

Call (847) 345-2246 now to schedule an appointment.